Established since 2004, Ly Bao Minh Horeca Supplies is one of the pioneers in Vietnam in field of supplying INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN AND LAUNDRY SYSTEMS. We are putting effort on upgrading our business with a completed service loop: CONSULTATION – DESIGN – SUPPLY – INSTALLATION – WARRANTY – MAINTENANCE in order to affirm our brand in the market and meet clients’ standards.

In the support of two elements:

  • The trust of clients for our working ethnic and;
  • The positive outcome from our business based on market knowledge and experience.

Our brand has been positioning in the market and speeding up for growing. To adapt with market variation and achieve our business goal, Ly Bao Minh Horeca Supply has set the strategy of being comprehensive in products and professional in services.

The milestone of being comprehensive is operating our own factory to manufacture stainless steel products in 2008. As a result, we are able to meet specific requests from different clients and actively manage and take quality-checking test in our products. In order to implement professionalism in service, we adopt the method of learning experience, working techniques and technology from international corporations.

Currently, Ly Bao Minh Horeca Supplies is the exclusive distributor of the brand IMAGE – Thailand in manufacturing industrial laundry equipment. In additional, we also provide products specializing for INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN AND LAUNDRY SYSTEMS from brands all over the world such as: CONVERTHEM, KüPPERSBUSCH, YPT, HOBART, KOLDTECH, WILLIAMS, LOTUS, RINNAI, SIRMAN, HOSHIZAKI, HATCO, FUKUSHIMA, SCOTSMAN, CHANMAG, IMAGE, FIRSTCOOL, NOUVA SIMONELLI, TIGER HOTEL, BERJAYA, WINTERHALTER, RENZACCI, SIDI,…


Our industrial kitchen and laundry systems symbolize international and premium standards for every investor’s projects.


We provide consistent solutions with investment strategy but also contribute on claiming business position.

We conduct new technologies and introduce international – standard products in order to induce the development of the market.

To Ly Bao Minh employees, we put high effort of shaping a professional and friendly working environment with various promotion opportunities.



One down for two up – We provide the products and services that ensure your investment brings benefits both parties.


  • Professionalism and credibility in transaction.
  • Accuracy and carefulness in production.
  • Passion for mutual development in cooperation. 

Ly Bao Minh Horeca Supplies’ core competences are not only being a leading kitchen and laundry contractor, but also primarily targets to be community-based organization. Our slogan is “LY BAO MINH – GIVING A HELPING HAND FOR CIVIL COCIETY”. LY BAO MINH considers sharing benefits and profits with the society as an honorable responsibility that the Company has been conducting.

You can see our charity activities as LY BAO MINH NEWS.

Upon the current market demand, our products are served for clients in category of restaurants, hotels and resorts; hospitals; schools; industrial business. As the development of Vietnam economy, the category is about to the positively change – the increase in near future regarding to the industrialized request in most business.

Ly Bao Minh Horeca Supplies is preparing ourselves to catch up with the expected change. Firstly, it is the advantage for our strengths including our market knowledge and a sharp and clear vision in setting business strategy. Secondly, it is our core competencies with team solidarity of outstanding employees who passionately work, passionately learn and passionately create better ideas.

Ly Bao Minh Horeca Supplies believes in the emerging of the market, with our vision and mission and core competencies as a motivation to improve the business in order to contribute for client’s benefits and making Ly Bao Minh Horeca Supplies be a leading brand.

Ly Bao Minh Horeca Supplies always keeps human resource element in focusing since it is our core competency to achieve business strategy. Every employee is requested to perform three basic criteria: good working skills; practical experience; and responsibility in following working procedures. As the result, the organization can build up a professional image in the viewpoint of clients and reach the efficiency in operation.

The recruitment is organized seriously and taken several steps to qualify a candidate. We don’t simply look for talents but also people who can integrate with our working culture and join the team with enthusiastic.

To improve working skills and knowledge of our people, we often arrange training courses with the attendant of experts in our supplied company and international company.

- The leading brand in the market with over 12-year

- High commitment to client in product and service quality.

- Pioneering in providing diversified range of products.


- Having the factory to serve the manufacturing and installing process with skilled and experience workers.

- Imported products are filtered and quality-checked to meet clients’ demand and condition in Vietnam market.

- Professional sales, warranty and maintenance services

  • Periodical technical check per 03 months in warranty time.
  • Equipment operation guide are handle by experienced technical staff with certificate from manufacturer.
  • Technical line is operated 24/24h.
  • Preferable fee for maintenance and spare-part replacement after-sale.

Dear Valued Clients and Partners,

Over a decade of establishment and development, Ly Bao Minh has affirmed to be one of the leading industrial kitchen and laundry contractors in Vietnam. We are granted not only for our capacity of providing full-package service: Consult – Design – Supply – Install – Warranty – Maintenance, but also for professionalism in project management and flexibility in coordination with investor’s budget and progress of the project.

Ly Bao Minh has a highlight achievement of experiencing over 1,000 projects and being the contractor of several international-standard projects funded by Vietnamese and also foreign investors. We classify our clients into 05 groups: Hotel & Resort, Wedding & Convention Center – Restaurant Chain – Floating Boat, Factory – Building, Commercial Center – Franchise Chain, School – Hospital – Pharmaceutical Factory. We have successfully built up an image of a prestigious business partner by maintaining our exclusive distribution right of IMAGE (Thailand) since 2004, TIGER (Korea) since 2013 and being a distributor of over 200 other international brands. Impressively, Ly Bao Minh was granted to be The Most Out-standing Partner 2014 of WINTER HALTER (Germany) in Vietnam. Last but not least, we were certified to achieve ISO9001:2008 for Quality Management System by TUV Rheinland (Germany) in 2014 – this is a basis for Ly Bao Minh to affirm the assertiveness and professionalism in providing our services and operating the organization.

We would like to show our gratitude to valued clients and partners who have trusted, accompanied with and supported us so far. With determination on improving working procedures, enhancing the knowledge and skills for all staff and investing new technologies in production, Ly Bao Minh has a big ambition of offering more ultimate and value-added products and services to our customers and partners. We expect that t is a leverage to generate new brand image of Ly Bao Minh – the international company.


Sincerely Yours,  


Managing Director